Friday, November 5, 2010

Independent Essay

In Peter Balakian’s memoir “Black Dog Of Fate” the antagonist Peter’s passion for his girlfriend conflicts directly with his love for his pasted away grandmother, which results in Peter forgetting how much his grandmother meant to him. This reveals that people can often forget what they care for most if that certain thing has been out of their lives for so long.

In the beginning of the novel the antagonist Peter spent so much time with his grandmother. Peter describes his grandmother as a queen. “Big Brown eyes”, “Black wool coat, high heels” Peter looked at his grandma as if she could stand up to anything and anyone. “My grandmother stood up to defend against the man”. “I felt overwhelmed by my grandmother’s courage”. This shows Peter was impress with his grandmother and proud of the things she did.

Later on in novel grandma Nafina dies on “November of 1964”. Peter “walked upstairs slammed the door, turned on the radio”, and began to reminisce about the times he and his grandmother had. This shows Peter had a care his grandmother, and suffered a great deal of pain when she passed away

At the end of the story “10 years later from his grandmother’s death”. Peter’s mother  informs him that the family is having a hokee hankisd for the tenth anniversary of your grandmother’s death”. The conflict takes place when Peter states “I can’t come, im going to Cambridge to spend the weekend with April” This quote explain ten years later no matter how much love you had can tend to be forgotten.