Saturday, October 2, 2010

500 word description

In this photo graph "Landscape with the Fall of Icarus" by the famous painter Pieter Bruegel who was known as the Elder or Peasant Bruegal 1525 – 9 September 1569 i see many unusual objects and people. Looks like a calm, quiet setting. Calm water full of rocks. I see a big beautiful sunset in a big beautiful blue sky behind what looks like a couple of ice bergs. i see old fashion boats with sails in the water. i see a slight bridge with a young female wearing many colors red green white and brown look like she is plowing her grass with something wooden that is lead by what looks like a horse or maybe a donkey. The young female doesn’t have much grass look like her grass is upon a hill or a cliff. i see a man bottom right corner in a white top looks like maybe he is fishing or getting ready for a swim, maybe the boat belongs to him and he is dropping anchor. i see another man look like he is hiking up the hill while herding sheep but it doesn’t look like the sheep are fence is so maybe is an island where the sheep run free in open area but the man is herding with a wooden walking stick and a huge brown backpack maybe the young lady on the hill is maybe his wife or sister, because it doesn’t look like many people life upon what look like an island. the island is surrounded by water and it look a little deserted. it look like the weather is end of spring beginning of spring because the lady is getting her grass situated and the leaves on the trees look like they are just growing back. The many rocks that are located in the calm quiet water look very dangerous considering the fact there is a wooden sail boat in the calm quiet water. Couple of the rocks in the water kind of form a cave of some sorts maybe the home of an underwater creature. I see this is an old painting, because there is no technology people are herding sheep and the boat are wooden and still have sails similar to the Chris Columbus days with the Nina the pinta the Santa Maria. The people were not what we call wealthy. They look like the type that struggled to just get by, because I see old and worn out clothes the object used to plowing looks like it was home made. The area where the young lady is plowing doesn’t look like it would even reach the limit of an acre. This painting was drawn way back in the day, you can’t walk down the street and see this kind of this any more. You would have to go into the middle of no where to see people plowing their grass or herding sheep. The sail boats are only seen in museums now you can’t see them no where else.

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