Wednesday, October 20, 2010

College Essay (unedited)

Teddy Francois                                                                                                        10-7-10
                                              The Man Who Claims To Be My Father
    I don’t remember exactly but in my mom words I was two year of age when my mother and the man who claims he is my father split, they were never married, and the reason he left was to get marry someone else. When I was young I never knew the story behind it I seen this man about everythree months when he came down from Canada to visit his friends. I didn’t understand the situation why this man and mother never talked or why they were never together I was too young. As the years went on the visits from my father grew less and less, three moths turned into a year maybe two. As I grew older I became to understand the situation, the man who claimed was my father was a careless man who didn’t care for me or my mother. When I reached high school I began introducing my mother as Virgin Mary and me as baby Jesus. I was Referring to the biblical Mary who was impregnated by the spirit, and the Jesus who was born with the man above being his father. Everyone knew what I meant when I said that and they found it pretty funny and it is what I state when people ask me about that man till this day. My freshman year I decided to take up football I made the varsity team as freshman. When my junior year came around i made the varsity basketball team first year I tried out never play organized basketball in my life, never had a father to teach me but I guess I did a pretty good job on my own. One day my mother called my father wondering if he was going to ever call and ask how his offspring was doing (notice she didn’t use son because she knows I get upset) she rubbed it in his face on how I was a natural born varsity athlete. Of course now realizes I could be successful and tries to get back in my life, but I don’t answer his calls so he found me on and added me as a friend. One time I posted a status about how good I did in my basketball game he left a comment “that’s my son”. I didn’t reply I didn’t know how to reply I was shocked this man had the mordacity to call me his son. I was upset my I didn’t say anything. The beginning of my senior year I was announced captain of the varsity basketball team. I posted a status on my facebook “Captain Francois”. This man again comments on my status “that’s my son”, this time I replied “I am not your son never was before I am not now” since then he has not communicated with me or my mother.  am now a senior deciding on which college is right for me, and I know my mom is always there for me. She is the only parent I have that why she get gifts for mothers day and father days ever year.

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