Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Plum Pickers Essay

In "Plum Plum Pickers" Raymond Barrio suggests that happiness is needed in life, and money is not always the answer. Raymond Barrio uses word choice throughout the story to establish his points. His tone expresses sadness, loneliness, and empty feelings everything the opposite of happiness.

   In the first paragraph Robert uses punctuation, and repetitions to express his tone. For example “trapped in an endless maze, of apricot trees, as though forever, neat rows of them, neatly planted, row after row”. Robert uses all those commas to slow down the story and make it sound depressing. Robert also uses comparisons to relate his text to other depressing things. For example in the first paragraph “like the blackest bars on the jail of hell”.

  Throughout the whole story Robert Barrio uses allusion. For example the name and ethnic background he gave the narrator “Manuel”, a Mexican with a name that relates to things like manual labor or a manual car where u do things yourself. Robert named his narrator Manuel to show he was hard working and an independent person.

   Robert also uses short paragraphs to make some points. For example “Lunch” was a whole paragraph very short compared to the long paragraphs about when he was working hard. Robert was trying to express how fast the time he was enjoying his lunch went by and how slow the time he was working felt.

  I think the reason Robert Barrio picked to write about an ethnic male working on a farm picking fruit and a rude unreasonable boss was to get his readers to picture slavery. So his readers can picture depressing thoughts realize its not an happy story.

   At the end of the story Robert show if you stand up for yourself sometimes you will achieve your goal. For example “I will take two cents from every bucket”. “Manuel lifted his foot and tipped over his own bucket”. Others joined and the boss decided to change his mind. This shows that if you stand up for yourself and sometimes have people follow , you can achieve many goals.

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